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Farmer's Market Round Two

The only thing better than enjoying something is enjoying it with other people. I loved visiting my local farmer's market so much that I had to share it with my two of my best friends. They ended up loving it just as much as I did. This time I remembered to bring money for food and ended up buying some spanakopita and baklava (which were delicious) at a Greek food stand that I had my eye on from my last visit. I'm really happy that my friends enjoyed it and that we got to hang out on a gorgeous Saturday morning. 

Farmer's Market First Impressions

This past weekend was my first time at the local farmer's market near my school. The market is a gathering of different local vendors selling everything from fresh produce, to baked goods, to homemade products like soap and lip balm. It was a little overwhelming seeing how much I could buy, but I'm appreciative that I have a few more opportunities to go before the season's over (that and I realized that I had only brought $4 in cash with me!). I am so glad to have found a new activity this fall; I can't wait to go back!