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Saturday Morning Freedom

Some Saturdays ago I took some friends to see the local farmers market. Our little activity which was supposed to last no more than two hours ended up lasting almost double that. We stayed at the farmer's market for a bit, but then decided to venture downtown and eventually ended back on campus where we did some exploring. The weather was fantastic. It was starting to cool down for fall but was still nice and warm. The day marked the start off what I call "Fall Fever." It's the time of year where I get super excited for what I hands down think is the most beautiful time of the year. 


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Fall 2015: Part 1

Small Group Photos 4

I was excited that my final core group photo shoot of this spring was a returning group. I photographed these women last spring and had a blast, so it was fun to photograph them again. Being in a core group for the past few years of college has made the women super close with each other- one of my favorite parts of the shoot was when they all started singing Nelly Furtado's "I'm Like a Bird" in sync. Some of them recently graduated, so it was bittersweet that this was my last photoshoot with them (for now), but I'm thankful for that they entrusted me to capture this special time of their life. 

Easter Event

Spring so far has been full and a bunch of fun. For Easter weekend I got to photograph a children's event near my hometown put on by All About Presentation . There was face painting, crafts, ice cream, portraits with the Easter bunny, and of course, an Easter egg hunt. Needless to say I was more than a little nostalgic as I remembered all the fun activities my family and I would do for Easter when I was a kid. It was great though to see all these adorable children enjoying the holiday.