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Down to the River

I'm always happy to photograph house photoshoots. This one I was especially happy to do because the women in the house brought me to a gorgeous park on the river that I had never been to before. The house is made up of an amazing group of women whose house name, The River, is based off a verse from the book of John. Because of their house name, they (appropriately) wanted to have the photoshoot on the river. I'm so grateful that they showed me this beautiful new spot in our town. I've already been back to visit and take more photos, and can't wait to return again after winter.


Recently, one of my good friends moved to start her new job in Paris, so we did a "farewell" photoshoot in our town's downtown mall. Photoshoots in public places can sometimes be uncomfortable, but she has a natural talent for modeling, which made the session really fun. I miss her a lot, but I'm excited to be visiting her next month. I also can't wait to do another photoshoot with her... in Paris!

New Friends, Same Farmer's Market

Even though I've visited (and posted on this blog about) my town's farmer's market multiple times, I always discover new vendors. This comes in part because each time I visit with a new group of people who lead me to their favorite spots. On my latest trip to the market, I went with two friends who showed me a hole-in-the-wall (literally) restaurant called The Flat  which sells coffee and crepes.     


I did not want to call this post "Friends Forever" but that is the best description of it. This trio met in college, and wanted to do a photoshoot in the city that brought them together before they all moved away. While doing the shoot they took me on an adventure around Belle Isle, a Richmond staple which I embarrassingly had never visited before. However, ever since the shoot I have been itching to go back.