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House Photos

Every spring and fall I look forward to taking house photo shoots . This fall I took house photos for some really close friends of mine. This was my favorite photoshoot of the year first because it was taken at a beautiful location. We went to a local reservoir right before sunset, which made for beautiful lighting. It made me, again, appreciate living in such a beautiful town. The second reason why this was my favorite shoot of the year was because of the women I was photographing. In the group were women I've lived with myself, gone on missions trips with, led Bible Study with, spent the week together at the beach with, or simply have gotten to know through our fellowship. Some of my best friends are also in this group, so I throughly enjoyed photographing their beauty. While we had fun it was a bittersweet time: most of us will be graduating in the spring and going our separate ways, but I'm glad I got to capture these memories for them. 

Small Group Photos 4

I was excited that my final core group photo shoot of this spring was a returning group. I photographed these women last spring and had a blast, so it was fun to photograph them again. Being in a core group for the past few years of college has made the women super close with each other- one of my favorite parts of the shoot was when they all started singing Nelly Furtado's "I'm Like a Bird" in sync. Some of them recently graduated, so it was bittersweet that this was my last photoshoot with them (for now), but I'm thankful for that they entrusted me to capture this special time of their life. 

Graduation Season

I'm so happy for all those graduating this spring- both college and high school. I was also happy to do my part and take photos for a friend of mine. People love our school, and while they are sad to leave, they are excited to start a new journey. I'm super proud of all my friends who are going out to leave their mark on the world. Congratulations to the Class of 2017! You did it!

Small Group Photos 3

Springtime means more small groups from my fellowship take time to dress up and get their photos taken in our school's gardens. I had the privilege of taking photos for one of my best friend's small groups. They call themselves the "Savage Sisters" because all of them have supper sassy and witty humor. While they may crack jokes with each other, their sisterly bond cannot be denied, and I had so much fun getting to capture it.