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Hey y'all!

Welcome to HDP! I'm Hayley. On this site you can look through some of my past photo shoots and book your own session! Can't wait to get to know you!


How HDP Started:

Since I got my first plastic film camera at age 5 (it was Barbie brand and bubble gum pink- very chic) I've had a interest in taking snapshots. My mom is a serial documenter and so I quickly followed in her footsteps. It wasn't until 8th grade though when my dad asked me what my hobby was. "I don't really know" I answered. "I think your hobby is photography" he replied.

That comment planted a seed that would grow into what HDP is today. I took art and photography classes all through high school, but it wasn't until senior year that I finally made a blog. I started with posting photos I had taken of my sister and her friends in our yard (if you want to see a good throwback you can still find that post via the blog archive l-o-l). The next year at college I started to take my camera on outings with my friends, (those posts are also still on the site) and soon I was known as "Hayley the Photographer." That grew into people asking for me to take their Linkd-in profile pics, their house photos, and more. Thanks to the friends and connections I made in my college Christian fellowship, I got more and more business and eventually booked gigs, events, and marketing jobs.

This website hopefully shares a glimpse of how this little business has taken shape, and even more, shaped me. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

- Hayley 

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Fall 2015: Part 1

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I was excited that my final core group photo shoot of this spring was a returning group. I photographed these women last spring and had a blast, so it was fun to photograph them again. Being in a core group for the past few years of college has made the women super close with each other- one of my favorite parts of the shoot was when they all started singing Nelly Furtado's "I'm Like a Bird" in sync. Some of them recently graduated, so it was bittersweet that this was my last photoshoot with them (for now), but I'm thankful for that they entrusted me to capture this special time of their life. 

Rebranding: What to Expect

Hey y'all! I recently announced that HDP was rebranding. I've been working super hard this summer: researching, redesigning, budgeting, getting feedback, and, more than once, realizing that something I was planning was not going to work and having to go back to the drawing board- lol. I am currently in a season of transitioning so it's been a bit of a challenge balancing everything, but I'm super grateful for the ability to have this business. I feel blessed that something I use as a creative outlet also helps me make a living. That being said, there is still a bit more work to do before I roll out all of the exciting new stuff, so for now here are some things you can expect with the new launch! - A new look for the website! - New services and photoshoot opportunities for y'all - Photography tips and resources to help you with your own photography  - Restocking Shop Hayley Diana - And more surprises! Stay tuned for sneak previews and the announ